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Friendly, family-run pet sitting and dog walking service

Pets and Pals are one of the most well established dog walking and pet sitting services in Bedfordshire.

Having started operating in 2011, Pets and Pals have hundreds of happy clients and happy pets and have grown a reputation as the most trusted pet sitting services in the county.

Cat Sitting

If you're going on holiday and the idea of a cattery has you on edge, then feel at ease knowing Pets and Pals offer cat sitting - daily visits to your companion to feed and fuss. What could be better?!

Dog Walking

If you are spending long days at the office Pets and Pals can make a much needed visit to walk your pal, give them the fresh air and exercise they crave, ready to flop for when you get home.

Small Pet Sitting

If you have smaller fur babies (or no-fur babies) then we can care for them too, whether you're away for 3 weeks or 3 hours. 

Exotic Pets

We don't just pet sit for your bog standard pets, Pets and Pals have cared for chickens, hedgehogs, reptiles and many other exotic animals over the years, and we have never yet shied away from your unusual pets, so don't be afraid to approach us with something unique. 

Dog Boarding

Kennels can strike fear in some owners, and cause huge amounts of stress and anxiety in some animals who prefer the comfort of their own home, so if you would rather your pet stay with us, in a home from home environment where they are given one on one love and care (and are allowed on the sofas!) then our home boarding services are perfect.

In Home Boarding

Some animals just don't cope well in new and unusual settings, and even a home from home dog boarding solution isn't right for your individual dog's needs. Or maybe you have cats and would rather avoid a cattery? Our diligent staff members can reside in your home, with your beloved pets, for the duration of your absence, giving your pets one on one care and attention 24 hours per day, as well as tending to your home, avoiding any worries of making it look empty.

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